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The action was pretty neat! Kudos for using Samurai Showdown sprites.

No real gripes here except I think Haohmaru yelling die fu&<er kinda broke the immersion for me.
totally a subjective thing tho. Solid work otherwise.

ReaperSound responds:

I'll be sure to take that out in the final revision. Still a WIP but I'm trying to make it finished by the end of the week. Thanks for the advice

pretty neat animation. Im glad I waited to vote though. There was a really long, odd pause before the action kicked off. I almost voted a 1 because I thought the whole animation was just a sonic blur running by.

probably just my computer.

Nice job!

Not bad. The animation was a little rough around the edges, but the action was pretty easy to follow. The voice acting was solid. Certainly good enough to move the plot, but a little more expression should be worked toward. I will say that the ending felt a bit abrupt before the credits ran.

All in all though, not bad especially considering the length. Certainly room for improvement, but a solid effort overall.

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crs05 responds:

ok, thanks a lot for your comment, I will make this better ib episode 3, and I will fix the problem in the opening tomorrow

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Cool little timewaster. Would love to see this become some sort of mobile game. This game probably rocks on any touch enabled devices that support flash/newgrounds.

Also, thanks for letting me make funny voices in your game!

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Not bad!

Opixer responds:

Thank you! :)

Love the voices. Especially the dopey one. The little hitch in the beginning with the "I uh...I gots ta ayask yuu" sold it! Good work...now I want pie.

Opixer responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

Well done considering the limitations! Its definitely believable.

Denstaiga responds:

Thanks man!

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Gorgeous artwork bud! You should post more! And often!


Oh Zero....... :3

Very nice line work! Minimalist, yet still very expressive. I dig it!

TheClunkheads responds:

lol hey thanks man! ive got to practice a little more, but if you want to see something drawn ill try and give it a shot!

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